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Founded in 2016 by two partners, Tek Colossus has gained momentum in the field, providing the Calgary area with SEO services, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management from its inception. Considered to be one of the top Digital Marketing companies in Calgary and the area, Tek Colossus is experienced in providing high quality online services to businesses of any size. Whether your budget is small or large, we have a product for you that will help your business expand its online reputation and image. From managing your online reputation to doing your social medi …

What makes us different from other companies

Tek Colossus offers 360-degree digital services portfolio from Web design and development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertisement and Software Testing Services. We are focused on solving complex business problems and help our clients in achieving their goals.

Personal touch plays an important role so that’s why dedicated team helps in better coordination.

We promise guaranteed improvements and top page Google results for our clients.

We understand the importance of regular communication which helps in avoiding confusions and communication gaps.

Our daily, weekly and monthly reports help in progress and performance tracking of websites and give an insight into what is planned for coming weeks.

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Appropriately actualize unique e-business for low-risk high-yield initiatives. Intrinsicly communicate emerging expertise before principle-centered catalysts for.

In current scenario, Internet has connected the whole world and has opened millions of opportunities for businesses. Website has become a face of organizations and people get to know lot of information about them. With the inception of Internet, lot of platforms has emerged like Digital Marketing. These platforms help businesses in marketing of products and services by using techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing. Digital marketing increases visibility of business and boots sales and profitability of business. Digital marketing has gain momentum in last 5 years and Tek Colossus is not behind anybody in providing these services to our clients.

Now days, every business take into consideration digital marketing along with regular marketing techniques because lot of digital platforms emerged and marketing on these platforms plays an important role. There is increase in competition for businesses but only tried and tested digital marketing strategies can help in staying ahead in competition. Tek Colossus helps in identifying right digital marketing strategies for you and want to be part of your digital success.

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing techniques helps business to rank on top page of search engines. Most people search for businesses on search engines using mobile, laptop and tablets rather than checking other methods of advertisement. Being a best company in this field in Calgary, Tek Colossus can help you rank on top pages by identifying right of keywords for your industry.

In last decade or so, Social Media platform has gain momentum and along with Website, these platforms also became a face of business organizations. These days, its necessary to have a business profile on social media platforms. These profiles need to be promoted by using right techniques like contests, blog posts etc. and Tek colossus has expertise in this field.

Different type of Ads can be run on various platforms like Search Engines, Social Media profiles and the purpose of these Ads is to attract people towards your business and products. This digital marketing technique helps in getting great return on investment and Tek Colossus helps you identifying a good strategy so that maximum results can be achieved.

Another way to attract more people towards your business is to create and upload good quality content like articles, blog posts, press releases etc. The content should be informative, high quality and should be easy to understand. We can help you create good quality content as this is the best way to let people know about your services.

Video marketing is one of the digital marketing techniques through products and services can be easily promoted. Detailed information about the products and services can be shared. We can help you create good videos and promote them on different channels.