Make Sure Your Site Does What It Should With Software Testing Services

Software testing is a huge component of any successful business – online and off. After all, how will your customers know what services you provide or where to find you if your website and its applications aren’t working to the standard or level they should be? At Tek Colossus, we provide high quality software testing services in Calgary and the surrounding area for all your website needs and more.

With superior quality software testing services, Tek Colossus remains committed to ensuring your needs are met when it comes to creating the best website that runs as smooth as silk. If you’re looking for the best in software testing in Calgary, look no further. We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the visibility you want by your client base. Here are just a few of the ways we can help ensure your website works as it should on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Type of Services

Web Application Testing

Web application testing is key to ensuring your website will be working as it should when it goes live to the public. This involves using web testing tools to look at the functionality of the site as well as the levels of stress and traffic the site can take so that steps can be taken to fix the issues before they arise.

Web Services Testing

Web services testing helps to ensure that you website will interact as it should with other various web applications. These applications need to be able to work together to create a seamless web experience for the end user and so web services testing is an integral part of your overall website development plan that needs to be considered.

Mobile and Mobile App Testing

As the use of handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones grow, as does the need for more functionality of websites on these devices. Mobile sites work differently and appear differently to those of desktop sites, and so for maximum visibility to customers, you need to have a mobile application and mobile site that works as it should. That’s where Tek Colossus and our mobile and mobile app testing come in – we ensure your mobile site looks and works as well as it should.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop application testing of websites ensures that clients will see what you want them to see, when you want them to see it and without any faults or issues that could cause frustration or your clients to navigate away. Tek Colossus offers high quality desktop application testing services for all your website needs to ensure that your site can handle whatever you need it to.

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Frequently asked question

Testing means identifying the defects in an application based on client requirements to make sure that an application and its functionality performs as it desired to be. The identified defects are shared with developers and an application is tested again once they are fixed by them. It’s a process of Validation and Verification with a intention to make an application a bug free application.

At Tek Colossus, we have bunch of experts who have expertise in testing in all type of application like websites, mobile applications (Native, Hybrid) and desktop applications.

There are 2 ways to test applications depending upon client requirements and type of application. First is manually testing, by writing test cases and executing them without using any tools. Second is automated testing, as name suggest, testing is performed through tools, scripts are created with expected results and executed to make sure that an application meets expected results. At Tek Colossus, we use mobile simulators to test mobile applications.

Time duration depends on number of factors like type of application, size of application, requirements, type of testing etc. Based on requirements and type of application, testing approach and strategy is created and decided and once its decided, then we will be able to share timelines with clients.

Costs also depends on numbers of factors like type of application, number of resources working on an application, time duration for test application etc. Please contact us to discuss further