Off the back of things like social media marketing and search engine optimization, the next most important thing to consider when you are developing your online presence is your online reputation. Reputation online, much like in reality, is an important aspect of driving, growing and promoting your business and helps you get followers, likes, shares and most importantly – business! Online reputation management is a key component to making sure that your customers remain engaged with your company and find you with multiple excellent reviews when they’re looking for a business just like yours, which will help drive sales in your direction.

Online reputation management is a useful tool that has begun to be used by numerous companies and individuals to help promote a positive, fresh image online, which in turn can help to drive traffic to their specific business or product. Online reputation management additionally helps to influence search results as well as tailors reviews to help only the best of your business shine through. With online presence being a huge driver of business today, it’s integral to your success that your reputation is adequately managed by people and professionals who know exactly how to tailor your image online for the best possible result. Fledgling companies and businesses don’t always have the time to pour through their online posts and presence to ensure it’s the best it can be, so leave it to the online reputation management professionals at Tek Colossus who will work with you to develop the online presence perfect for you.

Online Reputation Management Services

Remove Negative Feedback

First step is to identify the negative feedback and comments on client’s website and other online platforms and try to remove them as soon as possible. In today’s world, people buy lot of stuff online and their tendency is to check reviews, comments and ratings before buying anything so our job is to remove unnecessary feedback from products and services that our client deal in so that customers gets clear picture before they make their decision.

Recover damaged online reputation

After removal of negative comments, next step is to help clients recover their lost online reputation by using various digital marketing techniques like social media, SEO etc. and try to put information which can attract more and more customers.

Grow Positive Online Reputation

Once lost reputation is recovered then next step is to grow and develop more positive reputation and brand value for an organization by putting forward best information on different social media and other online channels. This helps in gaining momentum and lost ground can be gained against the competitors.

Monitoring Online Reputation

The momentum should not be lost so that’s why we constantly keep a watch on online reputation and brand value for our customers. The services that we provide help to make your website and company popular by forming multiple plans and affecting the views of people towards an organization, their products and services.

Necessity for Online Reputation Management Services

ORM Services are important for all kind of businesses or organization but it’s imperative for professionals like




Government Agencies

PR Agencies

Check your business brand value and online reputation for free

Price Plans

$ 350 USD /Month
  • 1 Phrase targeted
  • ORM and Keyword Analysis
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings
  • No Contract
  • No Sign up or Set up Fee
$ 595 USD /Month
  • 2 Phrases Targeted
  • ORM and Keyword Analysis
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings
  • No Contract
  • No Sign up or Set up Fee
$ 750 USD /Month
  • 3 Phrases Targeted
  • ORM and Keyword Analysis
  • Blog and Article Writing
  • Customer Reviews/Ratings
  • No Contract
  • No Sign up or Set up Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

ORM means Online reputation management. There are number of activities performed to create or retain positive image for businesses. These days before buying anything, online customers check reviews and brand reputation before making any decision and committing to purchase online.

In current internet and social media world, customers are very knowledgeable, and they don’t want to spend or buy online until they are sure about product or services. Under these circumstances, ORM comes to rescue as we try to share user experiences and we try to give as much information as possible like comparisons between products or services and convince them to buy products.

Every customer has its own taste and choice and it’s not necessary that every person will like your products or services, so negative reviews are bound to happen. You can take help of Tek Colossus to get rid of negative publicity, complaints removals, suppression of negative reviews, rip off reports and search result removal. ORM and SEO together plays an important in building online brand reputation. SEO helps you rank on top of search engines and get more traffic and that traffic is converted to sales by ORM.

Due to high competition, negative reviews are not only left by customers but also by your competitors which makes a huge impact on your brand value. As such there is no fixed timeline to fix damaged reputation because it depends on multiple factors like link authority, kind of bad review, client requirements and what type of plan client has opted for. If correct plan and strategy is followed, then you can see suppression of links in first two months but usually it takes 3 to 5 months to fix damaged reputation.

The cost depends on type of plan you have opted but usually it ranges from $300 to $1500 per month. This cost is nothing if you compare this cost with business reputation and brand value. If you have more queries, then contact us.